It's under a year, right?

Almost one year ago, many of you assembled in our yard to drink heavily, dance badly, laugh loudly and watch us stumble through exchanging wedding vows. Dom asked who else would he build a house with, and James hoisted a granite block at him.

This is to thank you for your participation in that crazy ass event. Much of that evening was about the home we built together. The tables every one ate off of was actually the plywood used to board up the windows. The logs for the fire pit were from trees cut down in the yard. The grass still hasn’t grown in where the dancing took place, our own little Riot Fest.


In our “registry”, we opted for contributions to various facets of the home we were building together. Often we are asked, where are the fruit trees? We did purchase one, now rough-looking, espaliered apple tree, though the squirrels got its fruit before we could. After some pruning and tree clearing(used with NEW tools!), we learned a little more about the trees we already had. It turns out we had a plum tree, and a cherry tree, both which produced pretty good fruit, if the birds and squirrels didn’t get to it first. It was pretty exciting to bite from a juicy plum, and to know we had a long season of fruit bearing ahead of us, rounded out by our pear tree, still dropping the last of its fruit as we write this.

We picked up a LOT of English Ivy, well aware of it’s invasive qualities, which we hope to steer vertically up toward our fence.

Another project asked about is the rebar fence. We did purchase some materials to do a mild test, and James even took a welding class to learn how to hold it all together, but we will likely pick that project up next year, along with welding the window boxes.

We haven’t yet acquired any galvanized tubs for gardening, though at a mother’s persistence, James picked up one for a beer bucket, to use at Mercedes’ graduation party, and will likely plant something in it next spring.

We did manage to get some five-panel doors, which Dom has been stripping and refinishing so we can install soon.

We haven’t yet put in any skylights, but as we turn our sights inward to the house, we did refinish the floors in the dining room, living room, and now the guest room.

The guest room being part of a different project, turning it into an AirBnB rental to supplement our income, and finance refinishing a part of our basement to also rent out on AirBnB. One of the goals we had when we purchased this property was to make enough income to cover the mortgage itself, and after a successful September and based on our bookings in October, we will have actually achieved that goal.

We’ve already had friends and family stay with us and use the amenities offered, most importantly, with their own private bathroom, and if you haven’t stayed with us yet, we would like to welcome you to do so, whenever you want(just let us know so we can delist it for
those dates).


This has been a great year for us, and incredibly busy. The dogs probably wish we played with them more, but they’re self-absorbed little shits, and will never be satisfied, we love them anyways. We hope all is well for you, too, and if we haven’t heard from you lately, we hope to do so soon.

Last year, it was easy to say we would have a one-year anniversary party in the same fashion, an Octoberfest style cookout, but instead, we’re off to Pittsburgh, to celebrate the wedding of friends, who also bought a two-unit, and are having the ceremony on their stoop of their new home.

If we’re not caught in some ouroboros of early October weddings, we do hope to have an anniversary celebration, and we will let everyone know, and we would love to show you all the work we are still in the middle of, if you’re into that sort of thing, if not, you’re welcome to sit on the stoop and have a beer, but do us a favor and throw the ball, Addie won’t leave us alone.

Thank you, your well-wishing has made our home warmer and happier, and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.

James and Dom