Garage Kittens

We found three kittens in our garage this past weekend, not even a month old. I was trying to diminish a pile of trash and discovered them behind discarded drywall. I have noticed the mom, but didn't realize she had kittens, she always scurries out of the garage as soon as we enter, and I didn't mind her hanging out as I thought she might keep the rats away. Since kittens are incredibly cute, we fell in love immediately, though they may not have loved us, though they have since come around and started climbing on us if we sat on the floor near them. We thought to keep them safe in a cardboard box that the mom could still have access to to feed them, but ultimately she decided to relocate them altogether, out of the garage, and beyond our reach. We'll continue to leave food, and hope they rerun, and if so, may initiate a trap and release set up, to get them splayed and dewormed. We may even start a colony in the garage, as we liked having them around. Of course, we named them.

Marshall, Rockwell and Oakley